Love to Bike Lady 7/20

Love to Bike Lady 7/20


‘Love to Bike’ hand printed lino cut. Number 7/20. Others are available.

Approx 14cm x 14 cm

Printed on acid free Fabriano paper

This in number 7 out of 20 prints I made, each print varies slightly dues to the hand printed nature. Other prints are available in this edition.

Lino print is a form of relief printmaking. Each print starts as a piece of Lino which I carve into. This is then inked up using a roller, the ink stays on the raised areas. I then lay paper over the top and either use a printing press of the back of a wooden spoon to transfer the ink onto the paper. A number of pieces of lino or ‘plates’ may be used for more colours, or more lino cut out from the original plate before inking up a new colour, this is called reduction lino print.

Prints are usually done in a batch which is called an Edition, how many prints are in an edition depends on the printmaker. This edition has 20 prints only in this colourway. Each one will vary slightly due to the hand printed nature. Each print in the edition is given a number eg. 1/20 will be the first print out of 20 in that edition.

Sometimes you might see A/P next to a print, this will be an artist’s edition , usually where they have been experimenting with colour, pressure or testing a design.

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